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I’m crying oh my fucking god

hahaha yes.

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y’all r gettin way too accurate with these it’s scaring me

Ha ha ha

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did u know u can have a sleep over with ur friend without having a 200 second snapchat story????? :)

sounds like you werent invited to that sleepover..

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Yes, it does.

Guys get morning wood because our bladders fill up during the night and begin to press against our prostate, causing arousal. Our dicks don’t just feel the sun coming up and think “My time has come”

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I love the 50 shades of grey trailer 


"was that awkward eye contact or were we checking eachother out" - a life story

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My roommate bought black toilet paper.

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myers briggs as anime type


ISTJ - slice of life

ISFJ - hetero romance

INFJ - drama

INTJ - psychological anime

ISTP - horror anime

ISFP - shoujou

INFP -  something shity

INTP - fantasy

ESTP - hentai

ESFP - magical girl anime

ENFP - naruto

ENTP - comedy

ESTJ - sports anime

ESFJ bishounen

ENFJ - pokemon

ENTJ - adventure

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Got myself a bean bag couch. The dog thinks he has a new throne

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are the gods evil?

Rose Lalonde in Avatar Grimdark State


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Four Word Love Story, DeviantArt, 2014

Artist Unknown

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Something for my feminist theory class.

I’d love to see the reactions to this from a crowd. I can kind of imagine a quiet, solemn understanding from the ladies and a lot of confused questions from the guys… If my memory of art school serves me.

In 9th grade English we read Laurie Halse Anderson’s “Speak”. For those of you who haven’t read it, the author makes it abundantly clear that the teenage protagonist, Melinda, was raped, before the protagonist actually says it.

Our English teacher asked the boys in the class what happened to Mel. They came up with the most ridiculous answers. Every girl in the class just knew.

This just goes to show…

Not all men menace women, but yes all women have felt menaced by a man.

Every girl understands this because every girl knows the fear implicit in this image.

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